Debuting the Alliance 398 MPT Tire 

About a month ago, our cousins at Alliance Tire Group of Europe took over the famed Audi Experience Driving Center in Neuburg an der Donau, Germany, to introduce our high-speed Alliance 398 MPT tire to the European market. Though the 398 MPT—the industry’s only DOT-rated directional flotation tire—debuted in the North American market at last year’s Farm Progress Show, our counterparts across the pond substantially upped the ante by putting a mix of journalists and industry partners behind the wheel of real farm equipment and letting them put our claims to the test.


Waiting for attendees of the 398s European launch at the Audi Experience Driving Center were brand-new MAN AgroTrucks mounted with 398s available for demonstration. Guests were encouraged to take the trucks out and put them (and our tires) through the paces, speeding along Audi’s race track and cruising through a prepared field—allowing attendees to feel the roadability of the 398 and witness its ability to minimize the impact on delicate fields for themselves.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Alliance 398 MPT tire, it’s designed for use on manure carts, tanks, and feed trucks that need to perform as well on the road as they do in the field—and it builds on our commitment to deliver a low-pressure solution to every piece of equipment that rolls onto cropland. With a DOT speed rating of over 60 MPH, the 398 is already becoming a popular replacement for standard dual truck tires. Gaining first-hand experience with the unrivaled versatility of our 398 MPT, attendees were given a chance to answer the question do Alliance 398 tires perform as well on the road and in the field as advertised? for themselves.
Another interesting fact about the 398 MPT is that it has its roots in America’s heartland. Working with our valued customers (D&S Tire), the 398 MPT was designed in part to meet a gap they discovered in the industry’s offerings and to provide a tire needed by their customers. Working with the D&S Tire team and building on our decades of experience as a leader in flotation tires, we created the 398 MPT—a tire that can move seamlessly between field and road, enhancing productivity and reducing cycle, saving farmers both time and money—to fill the real-world needs of our (and their) customers.

Although we can’t offer you a test ride like our European counterparts, we can offer you the Alliance 398 MPT. That’s right, while our European customers are just being introduced to this terrific tire and demoing it on test roads and fields, the 398 MPT has been available in the U.S. since last summer and is already equipped on our customers’ machines on American farms and roads.

Learn More About the Alliance 398 MPT To learn more about the Alliance 398 MPT, contact your local dealer or rep today! And keep scrolling to see more images from our awesome European event!