Electing New Tires

The primary season is off and running, and America’s heartland is speaking loud and clear—they are voting for the person they feel is best for the job, not the person with the most media attention, star power, or biggest name. Our Alliance, Galaxy, and Primex tires may not be as well known or have big flashy marketing as the other brands, but we have something more important that operators can believe in from sea to shining sea: a commitment to delivering the hardest working, most durable, and best-performing tire we can make.

From the "Hawkeye" state with its lush farms and fields of corn to the "Granite" state with its mountain-rimmed dairies and frugal-minded yankees, voters kicked the tires on their candidates the same way successful operation managers do with - well tires. Farmers, foresters, and construction managers are looking for substance. They want their promises to be met, they want their life to get a little easier, they want to worry less about the future, and they want help easing the burden of their financial stress. We deliver on all of those simple-human needs and we do it with less impact on the bottom line—especially if you consider the total cost of ownership over the lifetime of the tire.

Alliance365+380onMF+Wagon.jpgProducts like the Alliance 380 are helping make America’s farms great with their incredible technological advancements. Engineered for heavy machinery and trailers, the Alliance 380 is superb on and off the road, delivering traction on terrain even slipperier than a politician. For everything else, look to the Alliance 550. Incredibly tough and versatile, the Alliance 550 is great for use on tractors and is up for all of the chores around the farm.

Primex tires should be the first choice of foresters in New Hampshire, the Live Free or Die state. Like the perfect candidate, the Primex LogStomper Extreme is built for productivity and to keep operations moving along. Tough and durable, the LogStomper Extreme can handle the harshest conditions and thrives in situations far more difficult than discussing economic and foreign policies. The Primex LogMonster is ready to deal with heavy loads and is built to handle the hardest jobs in settings much tougher than the unruly crowds and intense debates the candidates with encounter. The  LogMonster is constructed to last, and will definitely be around for a second term.

In South Carolina where the next round of voters will be heard, Industrial and construction industries should look towards the Galaxy brand and its industry-leading line-up of skid-steer tires. Not to be overlooked however is the new Galaxy Multi-Purpose Construction (MPC) tire, a tire we are very excited about! Economical and versatile, the do-it-all MPC delivers high performance on everything from graders and loaders to telehandlers. Ready for all types of work, the Galaxy MPC is designed with an optimal lug-to-void ratio for improved traction, and center lug blocks for a smooth ride, while the tire’s deep shoulders provide lateral stability and efficient self cleaning. Constructed for hard work on busy sites, the Galaxy MPC is built using a special compound for increased cut resistance, more efficient heat dissipation, and longer tire life.

Download the Alliance Catalog NowWe have no magic 8-ball to predict which of the many candidates will emerge as our country's leader (REPLY HAZY—TRY AGAIN) but if you are asking whether Alliance, Galaxy, or Primex tires can give you the performance you expect at a price that's more in line with today's economic realities, we can tell you the answer is IT IS DECIDEDLY SO! This year, when you're out kicking the tires, remember to give our tires a chance to challenge your old ideas about tires, we want your vote!