Alliance Brand Tires—Always Improving and Advantageous 

The Alliance AgriFlex+ 372 VF tire has been a perennial favorite among farmers for its high performance and long lifespan. Equipped on everything from tractors to combines to even tankers, the AgriFlex+ 372 has developed a reputation for its fantastic traction, superior load capacity, and gentle touch on sensitive soils. Despite all of this, Yokohama Off-Highway Tires decided to upgrade this popular product, put it to the test, and prove what farmers have known all along: the AgriFlex+ 372 is unrivaled in the industry.

Degenhardt 372 vf 2
Photo courtesy of Degenhardt Tire 

Alliance AgriFlex+ Tires

All Alliance AgriFlex+ tires—including the AgriFlex+ 372—are VF tires and deliver the performance advantages associated with VF technology. VF tires can carry 40% more load at the same inflation pressure as a standard radial tire or carry the same load as a conventional radial tire at 40% less inflation pressure. The benefits of VF tires include improving productivity, reducing fuel costs, and minimizing soil compaction. 

New Stubble Guard Rubber Compound 

The AgriFlex 372+ got a host of design and construction upgrades that are intended to increase both its performance and longevity. Headlining the list of changes is a new and improved stubble-guard compound that allows the AgriFlex+ 372 to deliver even better weather, cut, and chip resistance than before. This new compound, working in conjunction with other construction upgrades, also provides better structural stability and heat dissipation—all of which adds up to a longer-lasting, higher-performing tire. 

Still Steel, Still Speed-Rated, Still Covered for Ten Years 

While we’re excited to talk about the upgrades to this already great tire, there are some things you can expect to stay the same on the Alliance AgriFlex+ 372. For example, the tire retains its D speed rating and is still backed by a robust 10-year warranty. The Alliance AgriFlex+ 372 also still features steel-belted construction, like all of our Alliance AgriFlex and AgriFlex+ tires.  

Putting Alliance AgriFlex+ 372 Through its Paces

The launch of the upgraded Alliance AgriFlex+ 372 coincided with an independent research trial conducted by IRSTEA (Institut national de recherche en sciences et technologies pour l’environnement et l’agriculture), a leading French research institute focused on land management and agricultural technology.  Four tires were compared in the trial, all with similar tread patterns, operated at the same inflation pressure, and were the same size—600/70R30 (front) and 710/70R42 (rear). The tires tested were:

  • AgriFlex+ 372
  • Competitor Premium VF tire
  • Competitor Premium IF tire
  • Alliance IF tire 

IF tires offer similar benefits to those of VF tires—the difference being the advantage offered is 20% (more load or less inflation pressure), rather than 40%. The four tires in the IRSTEA trial competed in four categories: fuel efficiency, traction, slip in soft soil, and footprint size. 

The Results of the IRSTEA Trial 

The results of the trial show what long-time Alliance users have known all along: Alliance delivers big-time performance without the big price tag. This is particularly impressive when you consider a brief market survey found our Alliance AgriFlex+ 372 cost 40%-49% less than the premium competition VF tires, and 23%-36% less than the premium competition IF tire.

In almost every category, the AgriFlex+ 372 held its own or outpaced the big-name competition while outperforming the IF tires across the board—the performance of the Alliance IF tire served as the reference baseline (or 100%). 

Alliance Advantage

The IRSTEA test offers hard data proving that Alliance is a leader in delivering tires that provide an excellent total cost of ownership while offering farmers huge performance gains. To learn more about the Alliance AgriFlex+ 372 (it’s available in 28 sizes), or any of Alliance’s other steel-belted VF tires, contact your local dealer or rep today.