Applications-Specific Tires Provide Farm Solutions 

Our focus is on making application-specific tires that solve the real-world issues facing our customers. We also want our innovative products to be within reach of the average farmer, construction business owner, and fleet manager, which is why we strive to deliver a technologically advanced tire with a low total cost of ownership. Because of this, we get especially excited when our distributors find a solution to a customer’s problem using one of our tires. 

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We recently received this great story from D&K Tire Service in Minnesota about a customer who was suffering blowouts on their Case Tiger-Mate 200 Cultivator. What immediately stands out is how D&K went above and beyond for their customer, forgoing the easy path and finding a solution tailored to the real challenge faced by their customer.

Although D&K could have simply sold their customer a tire with a higher ply rating in an attempt to avoid future blowouts, they wanted to know the reason for the problem so that they could offer a lasting solution. The first thing D&K did was weigh the machine. A quick trip to the scale revealed that when the Tiger-Mate had its wings up for transport on the road, the tires were subjected to 6,400 lbs per tire, far exceeding the limitations of the customer's tires, which were only rated for roughly 4,900 lbs per tire.

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After some deliberation between the customer and D&K, they decided to equip the Case Tiger-Mate with Alliance 381 flotation tires, as they offered a higher load-carrying capacity than the brand-name tire they were comparing it against. In fact, not only does it have more load-carrying capacity, but the Alliance 381 also has a higher speed rating, which is a nice benefit for a piece of equipment that spends part of its time on the road. When the customer learned that the steel-belted Alliance 381 would also provide a more rugged casing than his existing tire, he was sold—and when he learned the 381 was less expensive, he was ecstatic!
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We recently touched base with the owner of the Case Tiger-Mate 200 Cultivator to learn how the Alliance 381 tires were working out, and were pleased to learn that there had been no more blowouts, and the customer has been very impressed with the 381’s performance—especially their nice flat footprint.

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While we toil away building tires to solve the needs of our customers, we depend on great dealers like D&K Tire Service to go the extra mile to discover the real-world challenges our customers face every day around the globe, and to get our tires onto their machines. To the team at D&K, thanks for digging a little deeper to discover the real cause of the customer's issue, and for using our tires as a solution—we appreciate it, and we're sure your customers do, too! If you want to learn more about the Alliance 381, contact your local dealer today.