Spooky Sites and Solid Tires 

It may not be ghouls and goblins lurking around dark corners that scare today’s skid steer operators; rather, it’s debris, downtime, and punctures that keep them up at night. And while dark basements, haunted woods, and creepy old houses provide the chills this time of year, these scary work sites unnerve operators all year long. Luckily, skid steer operators can make these sites a little less frightening by equipping their machines with solid tires.


Construction Sites

Today’s construction business owners are facing a terrifying lack of labor, which has led to extremely tight schedules, in turn making even small delays potentially very costly. Because of the puncture-threatening conditions on many construction sites where skid steers work—broken pavement, rocks, rubble, and hard-paved surfaces—the fear of a blowout is always looming. There’s nothing more bone-chilling than a machine sitting idle due to a puncture—it creates a nightmare on whatever street as crews wait for a tire to be delivered and replaced, fall behind schedule, and cost the business money. Solid tires like the Galaxy Beefy Baby SDS are a savior for crews operating in conditions such as these, as they eliminate the possibility of punctures and guarantee uptime.

Scrap Metal Yards

While pitchforks and scythes add an extra element of terror to the season’s devils and reapers, it’s a different kind of sharp object that operators in scrap metal yards are petrified of. The very nature of scrap metal yards is pure evil to tires, as everything from large sheets to small shards has the potential to slice a sidewall or puncture a tire, sending them to an early grave. It takes a bit of magic to engineer tires to stand up to monsters like scrap metal, but our Galaxy Hulk SDS can fend of frightening downtime caused by slices and punctures while offering traction on a wide variety of surfaces encountered by skid steers operating in these conditions.   

Waste Processing

Households are able to exorcise the ghosts of everyday life by simply putting a bag of trash on the curb or with a quick trip to the local landfill, leaving them to haunt waste processors instead of homes. Encountering spine-chilling spills and working on wet floors is just one wicked way that waste processing facilities challenge skid steer tires. Tires like our Galaxy Hulk SDS have a spell for handling such gruesome conditions. Built with industry-leading tread depth for traction in even the most fearful fluids, and with a high solid-to-void tread to keep them from quickly entering the afterlife, the Hulk SDS is bound to break the curse of too many tires being sent to an early grave.

Recycling Facilities

It may seem like the conditions of a recycling facility were thought up by a paranormal power to scare skid steer operators. From ghoulish glass to petrifying plastic, recycling facilities are a house of horrors for skid steer tires. If the constant threat of punctures and flats isn’t enough to invoke a feeling of dread in operators, the horribly heavy loads, hair-raising relentless schedule, and concrete floors further conspire to give them the creeps. Luckily, our Galaxy Super Smooth tires, with puncture-proof construction and a maximum amount of tread rubber, are just the trick operators need for working in this environment. The treat is longer-lasting tires, less downtime, and a lower total cost of ownership.  

Hard Abrasive Yards

From city scrap yards to rural farms, many of the jobs asked of today’s skid steers occur on horrifyingly hard and abrasive surfaces. Materials like concrete and asphalt make veteran operators want to scream in terror at the demonic damage they’re capable of inflicting on ordinary tires, while hard turns and inexperienced operators can inflict further hell. One way to fight back against this grinding into oblivion is by dressing your skid steer up with one of Yokohama Off-Highway Tires America's Galaxy brand solid tires. With a variety of tread patterns and numerous sizing options, you’re sure to find a solution to the scare of punctures, downtime, and short-lived tires.

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