Galaxy Launches the MFS 101 Severe Duty Solid Tire 

The Galaxy MFS 101 Severe Duty Solid tire propels solid forklift tire technology to a new level, combining solid construction with a more comfortable ride, heat-dissipating design, more rubber above the 60J wear limit, and a high-performance steel bead design to transfer torque with reduced slip. Yokohama Off-Highway Tires launched the MFS 101 SDS today in 28 sizes, for rims ranging from 8 to 15 inches.

"The Galaxy MFS 101 SDS is the answer to customers' need for a comfortable, high-performing, long-lasting solid tire that is versatile enough for smooth surfaces both indoors and outdoors and tough enough to operate 24 hours a day on heavy-duty forklifts," says Dhananjay Bisht, Yokohama Off-Highway Product Manager for Earthmoving, Construction, and Industrial Tires.

Galaxy MFS 101 SDS Tire

Bisht lists the benefits of the new Galaxy MFS 101 SDS:

  • Increased ride comfort
  • Reduced vibration
  • Higher stability
  • Better steerability
  • Longer life
  • 24/7, heavy-duty performance

Innovative Zig-Zag Tread Pattern

"When you look at the Galaxy MFS 101, you immediately see the zig-zag contour of the continuous center lug, which enhances the stability of the massive centerline while adding surface area to the grooves on either side of it to dissipate more heat," Bisht points out. "We designed the center lug to minimize vibration, fine-tuning our design until vibration was significantly below that of competitors' tires." 

The two circumferential grooves also improve steering and cornering, Bisht says. He adds that the shoulder lugs of the MFS 101 are spaced to optimize traction, improve cornering, and bleed off more heat. The shoulders of the MFS 101 are also siped all the way to the edges for added grip on smooth surfaces.

Enhanced Stability

"Every aspect of the MFS 101 is optimized for stability," Bisht notes. "The footprint is wide and level, which seats the forklift firmly on the ground. In addition, that flat profile reduces wear and improves traction. Meanwhile, the sidewall profile is vertical, which adds stability during lifting and cornering."

Stability is also enhanced by the high degree of compound uniformity, the product of a precise manufacturing process, and highly advanced compound chemistry. A heavy-duty central tie bar stabilizes and reinforces the tread for added strength under heavy stress.

The MFS 101 features a high-strength steel bead package across the entire rim area to virtually eliminate wheel slip.

Increased Comfort

The solid construction of the Galaxy MFS 101 SDS features three distinct layers: a durable base for stability and firm grip on the rim, an inner cushion that enhances rider comfort, and a wear-resistant tread compound for long service and great traction on hard surfaces.

The MFS 101 features more tread compound above the 60J wear line than competitors' tires. As a result, the MFS 101 SDS delivers longer service life than competitive solid forklift tires.

The stability, cushion layer, compound package, and unique tread design combine to reduce vibration and improve driver comfort, Bisht says.

"Operator comfort is more than just a sign of a pleasant workplace—it's a safety issue for operators as well as other workers," he says. "Operator health, efficiency, accuracy, and productivity can all be affected by reducing vibration and improving ride and performance. The Galaxy MFS 101 SDS takes performance and comfort to a new level, around the clock."


Versatile Applications

The newly introduced tread compound of the Galaxy MFS 101 SDS reflects a careful balance between wear resistance, cut and chip resistance, and heat resistance. The resulting compound is long-lasting on hard surfaces—making it ideal for warehouses and ports—and durable on shop floors and loading docks, where debris and metal ramps can destroy pneumatic or foam-filled tires. And because the MFS 101 SDS is solid, it will not be sidelined by punctures.

Download the Galaxy MFS 101 SDS Flyer  

For more information on the Galaxy MFS 101 SDS contact your Yokohama Off-Highway Tires America, Inc. representative or dealer.