Soil Compaction and a Devastating Disease Affecting Soybeans

One of the hardest decisions facing today’s farmers is deciding when to do what is right for the farm of today, and when to do what is right for the farm of the future. With a wet fall this year, many farmers have had to make hard decisions about getting into the fields and harvesting this year’s crop, while taking into consideration the impact bringing their machines into wet fields will have on next season's harvest.


A recent article in Corn and Soybean Digest points out that farmers this year may be paying for past decisions with the widespread late-season appearance of sudden death syndrome (SDS) in the soybean crop. According to the article, a cold spell following planting last year resulted in cool, wet soils, which led to soil compaction. It’s that soil compaction that is contributing to the rash of SDS plaguing farmers this year.  

As the famous quote says, “those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Facing the same challenging conditions as last year, many farmers now find themselves asking the difficult question of whether to get into the field or wait it out once again this year.

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