Galaxy Tires Save Christmas

Every worker in the warehouse liked Christmas a lot,
But the tire, who worked in the warehouse, Did NOT!
The tire loathed Christmas! The whole Christmas season!
Now, please don't ask why. No one quite knows the reason.
It could be the tire just wasn’t mounted right.
It could be, perhaps, working long hours into the night.
But many think that the most likely reason,
May have been that the tire was not built for the holiday season.
Whatever the cause, the loads or the floors,
The tire moved through the warehouse, hating its chores,
Keeping forklifts, reach trucks, and workers aflow,
Moving quickly to get packages into the stows,
For the tire knew every person and machine in the DC,
Was busy with packages bound for the Christmas tree.


Operators drove through the warehouse without enough care.
When all of a sudden, a new operator hit a curb square.
“This is stop number one,” the flat tire hissed,
With a machine down, the manager clenched a fist.
Unexpected downtime and packed schedules—a rather tight pinch.
When it came time to buy tires, why was he such a grinch?
The machine was stopped, only for an hour or two.
But not long after, another forklift’s tire blew.
Once again the warehouse stopped to watch the sideshow.
“These tires,” the manager grimaced, “really must go!”
As the machine slithered and slunk out of action,
Around the warehouse spread a feeling of dissatisfaction.
Another flat tire or two would be most unpleasant,
People around the world might not receive their presents.

The manager turned around fast and saw a forklift working.
A yellow Komatsu Hyster was still stirring.
What about this machine kept flat tires at bay?
Was it the operator and his cautious way?
He said to the operator, “how have you kept this forklift running?”
“Is it skill? Is it a promotion for which you’re gunning?”
But you know, that operator couldn’t take all the credit,
“It’s the Galaxy solid tires,” he couldn’t believe he’d admit it.
“Though a raise would great,” the operator said,
“The robust construction of these tires is what keeps me ahead.”
“No more trips to the workshop to fix annoying flats, boss.
Gone are the days waiting for repair and taking a loss.”
The Galaxy Yardmaster Solid Tire keeps machines on the move,
Puncture-proof construction keeps operations in the groove.

And the warehouse manager took a look at the books,
Carefully combing each column, peeking in all nooks.
Searching for money in the budget for solid forklift tires,
They’re an absolute necessity with all of the new hires.
Solid tires keep efficiency and productivity up high,
By saying to flat tires and downtime, “goodbye.”
Maybe solid tires are the Christmas miracle they need,
To empty the warehouse with never-before-seen speed.
At that moment the manager gave a great Christmas gift,
And ordered Galaxy solid tires for all of the forklifts.
And what happened then? the warehouse they say,
That the forklifts’ tires grew three times as much rubber that day!
And at that moment the manager didn’t feel so tight,
Knowing the machines would operate just right.

Learn More About Galaxy Solid Loader TiresAll the toys and food would be delivered in time for the feast,
And the pressures on him and his staff were released!