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Potholes are appearing like mushrooms across the winter-ravaged East, which we hope might inspire lawmakers to get to work on a long-term federal highway bill—talks that Transport Topics magazine reports are progressing slowly.

Of course, highway funds have a massive impact on our business, as they do on many companies across America:

  • Truckers must depend on the durability of their tires more than ever. Fortunately, the Aeolus line of truck tires provides outstanding choices to keep America’s truckers on the go.Aeolus_267
  • With an effort to build a highway trust fund with higher fuel taxes in the works, fuel efficiency pays off even more. Here again, Aeolus has answers—the company’s low rolling resistance steer, drive and trailer tires help truckers save fuel every mile. For instance, the Aeolus HN267 premium steer tire (pictured above) not only delivers fuel savings but also provides solid wear and durability for line haul service, as well as regional applications.
  • Providing necessary maintenance and improvements creates billions of dollars’ worth of jobs for the construction industry, which we serve with a wide range of Galaxy, Alliance and Primex tires.
  • Container loads of our tires are on the highways every day, serving our container-direct customers and ferrying tires from our three strategically located warehouses to customers across the U.S. and Canada.
We’re not unique in how closely tied we are to the success of proposed highway funding—every business and every individual in America benefits from a healthy road system. All of us need to make our voices heard in the highway bill debate. Take a moment to urge your senators, congressional representatives and state lawmakers to support legislation that ensures proper maintenance and improvements to our vital lifelines.

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