Alliance Multistar 376 Radial Tires 

Alliance tires are building a global reputation of performance and value among custom
applicators and farmers who use them on their self-propelled sprayers. We asked a few
professional custom applicators about their experience with the Alliance tires on their
rigs. Here’s what they told us.

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Alliance Multistar 376 Radials On TerraGator 9300s

“They’ve been working wonderfully. We’ve typically been using another supplier’s tire that comes with them, but we’d had trouble with external failure in those tires anywhere in the 800-to-1,000-hour range. As of right now with the Alliance tires, we’re not seeing external failure even after 1,100 to 1,200 hours. They still look great.”

They’re a very smooth ride compared to others we’ve had in the past.

“Typically we were replacing tires at 800, 900, a thousand hours because of sidewall separation. Now that we’ve got the Alliance tires on, I think we’re going to actually wear a set of tires out instead of having to replace them because of damaged sidewalls.”

“We’re paying a significant price for a competitor’s tire and we’re paying less for these Alliances and they’re lasting longer, so that is a significant difference in value.”

Nik Samuelson, Shop Coordinator
Crystal Valley
Madelia, Minnesota

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Alliance Multistar 376 Radials On Case 4530

“We’re hoping these will last at least as long as the Michelins. On some machines we were just getting a year, year and a half out of the Michelins —1,000 to 1,200 hours. So  far, as far as I can see, these are looking like they’ll last at least as long...”

...and with the price point compared to those Michelins, they’ll just kill them as far as cost.

Brandon Wilson, Operations Manager
New Century FS
Grinnell, Iowa

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