Re-imagining One of Our Favorite Christmas Songs 


I really can’t stay away (But, buddy, it’s wet outside)
Fieldwork should be underway (But, buddy, it’s wet outside)
This season has been (Been rainy and frustratin’)
My chores entice (Leave wet fields alone or pay the price)

My coop will start to worry (Buddy, what’s the hurry)
My lenders will be pounding the door (Have patience and you’ll harvest more)
The field really looks like slurry (Buddy, please don’t hurry)
Well, maybe I’ll give it a day more (Let me go and close the shed door)

My neighbor has IF/VF tires (Buddy, it’s bad out there)
He told me to talk to my supplier (No tractors should be out there)
I have too much work to ignore (Could tires help with the chore?)
I should go (You’ll cost yourself dough)

I ought to say no, no, no, sir (That’s what it says in the literature)
At least I’m gonna say that I tried (Soil compaction will be amplified)
I really can’t stay (Buddy, try and hold out)
Buddy, it’s wet outside

I simply must harvest (Buddy, it’s wet outside)
My tires footprint is at its largest (Buddy, it’s wet outside)
Agriflex tires reduce compaction (Plus you'd need all that traction)
They don’t cause ruts (Be patient, there’s no shortcut)

My dealer says IF/VF increases capacity (Gosh, the audacity)
My brother claims they transfer more power (You’re making me sour)
My uncle insists they’re better on the road (Even under such a load?)
And father tells me they offer a better ride (So much less shimmying side to side)

I got to get in the field (But, buddy, you’ll hurt your yield)
Fire up the Deere (To your will, I’ll adhere)
Alliance ag tires are really grand (I’ll see first hand)
They’re built for situations like this (If you insist)

Learn More About Alliance Agriflex Tires Look at the machine go (We’re cruising down the rows)
Not the least amount of damage (The tires are up to the challenge)
I’m glad we didn’t stay away (AgriFlex tires save the day)
Buddy, it’s wet
Buddy, it’s wet outside