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Scrolling through Alliance Tire Americas’ blog, The Hub, one thing is clear: 2018 was a busy year on The Hub, as we covered everything from the farm to the forest and shared blogs ranging from tire tips from our industry experts to the latest news about ATA. Make sure you didn’t miss any of our biggest stories this year by checking out our top ten blogs of 2018 below.


1. Tire Tales: Too Much Tractor Tire

This year marked the launch of our “Tire Tales” blog series—a collection of stories illustrating the work being done in the field by our ATG representatives and dealers and the great results being seen by our customers. Tire Tales: Too Much Tractor Tire, a story about avoiding the pitfalls of over-tiring a tractor, was both our most-read blog of the series, and of the year.

2. Why IF/VF Tires are Being Developed

We spend a lot of time on the blog discussing ATG’s line of AgriFlex IV/VF tires, and IF/VF tires in general. Our blog post Why IF/VF Tires are Being Developed highlights many of the reasons why manufacturers such as Alliance devote so much energy to creating these tires, and the massive benefits they can have for our farm customers.

3. When Is It Time For New Skid Steer Tires?

Being proactive about replacing skid steer tires can save customers everything from time to money to aggravation. Our blog post When Is It Time For New Skid Steer Tires? offers a few simple tips for letting customers know when they’re getting close to needing new tires.

4. Power Hop: Fixing a Problem that Plagues High-Horsepower Tractors

As tractors continue to evolve, growing larger and more powerful, new challenges arise that threaten to offset the advantages offered by current equipment. One such challenge is power hop. Our blog Power Hop: Fixing a Problem that Plagues High-Horsepower Tractors offers insight into the causes of power hop and a few simple solutions to cure this infuriating issue.

5. In Re-tire-ment: Recycling and Reusing Scrap Tires

Despite making some of the most durable, longest-lasting tires in the industry, every tire eventually reaches a point where it is no longer serviceable. In Re-tire-ment: Recycling and Reusing Scrap Tires explores what happens to tires when they’re retired from the field, forest, or construction site.

6. Alliance Tire Group Launches New Radial OTR Tire Line

ATG launched its new line of Galaxy Radial OTR tires in 2018, at Waste Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. Alliance Tire Group Launches New Radial OTR Tire Line, spotlights the outstanding performance and low total cost of ownership (TCO) delivered by these new Galaxy tires.

7. Alliance Tire Americas Launches “ATA Tireside Chat” Video Blog Series

In 2018, Alliance Tire Americas released its first vlog, Tireside Chat, a collection of one- to three-minute-long videos offering brand-agnostic suggestions for farm customers looking to make the most out of their investment in tires.

8. Tire Tales: Solving Real-World Problems with Application-Specific Tires

A second blog post from our “Tire Tales” series also cracked the top 10 for 2018. Tire Tales: Solving Real World Problems with Application-Specific Tires details how ATG dealer, D&K Tire Service, found a solution to a customer’s issue using one of our application-specific farm tires.

9. 10 Things to Know About Our New Galaxy Radials

Another blog about ATG’s new line of Galaxy Radial OTR tires made it to our top ten list for 2018 as well. 10 Things to Know About Our New Galaxy Radials gives customers ten good reasons to try our new Galaxy radials.

10. Should I Buy a Radial Farm Tire?

In many cases, equipping farm machinery can lead to improved efficiency, increased capacity, and better bottom lines. Should I Buy a Radial Farm Tire? details the advantages radials have over bias tires, and a few of the applications where bias tires still reign supreme—making it a perfect primer before deciding what type of tire is right for your farm equipment.

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