Farm Tires for Spring Conditions 

With spring rapidly approaching, farmers across the United States are gearing up and preparing to re-enter their fields. Depending on the location and what type of crops the farm is growing, the equipment used and the needs of the crops vary. However, the challenges presented during the spring remain the same throughout much of the U.S., as spring brings wet fields and inconsistent weather—which means that farmers need to be mindful of the load and traction of their machines, avoid soil compaction, and be able to move quickly and cover lots of acres during windows of good weather. Below is a look at what will be happening on farms across the U.S. this spring and how our farm tires can help overcome the challenges presented by the season.


When the ground warms and the fields dry, U.S. corn and soybean farmers will be entering their fields to apply nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium fertilizer. With spring’s finicky weather, there can be a tiny window between getting the fertilizer in the ground and planting, so farmers need to make sure they are as efficient and productive as possible. It’s in this scenario that tires like our Alliance 363 IF are valuable. The 363 IF can be run with 20% more load than a standard radial tire to help keep you in the field longer, and they can operate at 20% lower pressure to minimize the effect your machinery has on the field. Lastly, the 363 is capable of driving up to 40 MPH on the road while delivering a comfortable ride, making them perfect for applicators who travel between multiple fields.

Spring is also the time many farmers will look to begin applying dairy and hog manure to their fields, and nowhere is this truer than in the Great Lakes and other areas where winter manure application is prohibited. Although spring is the ideal time for manure to be applied to fields, as it puts nutrients into the field shortly before crop demand begins, it also can mean moving big, heavy machinery on wet fields—and our Alliance 393 flotation tire can help! Engineered to work with some of the world’s most massive manure tanks and spreaders, the 393 features steel belts under the tread to ensure a broad, flat footprint. This footprint helps to dramatically reduce soil compaction, which is a particular concern when operating in wet fields. Perfect for helping to empty overflowing slurry ponds, each tire is rated for a load of nearly 20,000 pounds at an inflation pressure of just 32 psi, and is capable of operating at up to 31 mph. 

Early spring is the time to plant spring cereals, and many farmers will be preparing their fields for spring wheat, barley, and oats, among other spring grains. Because many spring cereals produce maximum yields when planted in moist soil—with the penalty for late planting being increased seed cost to make up for the steady decline in tillers from late-planted stands—farmers will certainly be pulling drills behind their tractors in wet fields. The Alliance 354 IF is ideal for these situations. Thanks to IF technology, the 354 IF can be operated at a 20% lower tire pressure than a conventional radial tire, giving the tire a broader footprint. The wider footprint increases your machine’s traction, lowers its fuel consumption, and prevents damaging your field through slippage while enhancing its floatation to minimize soil compaction.

Winter wheat farmers also have the incentive to get into their fields as early as possible, as the rule of thumb is that spring nitrogen applications should be made as soon as the soil is dry enough to operate equipment on without making too many ruts. Whether using a self-propelled sprayer or a towed implement behind a tractor, the Alliance 550 MultiUse delivers the performance you need. The Alliance 550’s steel belts and unique tread design creates a wide footprint that puts a lot of rubber on the ground. Because of this, the 550 delivers maximum traction in wet conditions and helps minimize soil damage from your machinery.

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Of course, this is just a small sample of the many chores and challenges facing farmers this spring—and thanks to unpredictable spring weather, who knows what other problems are in store? No matter if you’re planting, spraying, seeding, or tilling, we have a tire that is purpose built to increase your machine's performance. Contact us today to learn how we can help you get into spring fields earlier, make your operation more efficient, and ensure you are making the most of your time.