Ag Excellence, the Alliance AgriFlex+ 372

One strategy farmers are using to boost the productivity and efficiency of their operations (and improve their profitability) is to equip their tractors with high-tech tires such as the Alliance AgriFlex+ 372. Today’s farmers ask a lot of their tractors—one day a tractor is in the field pulling a heavy implement and another traveling at high speeds on the road to get to a field—and something as simple as selecting a versatile tire can produce a big return on investment.

AgriFlex Advantage 

Our Alliance AgriFlex+ 372 is engineered with very increased flexion (VF) technology which allows it to meet a variety of the pressing needs of farmers.

  • VF tires are able to carry 40% more load than a conventional radial, which means farmers can make fewer trips—saving them gas, time, and ultimately money. 


  • VF tires are also able to operate at up to 40% less inflation pressure than a standard radial, reducing soil compaction, preserving the health of fields, and helping ensure healthy yields for years to come. 

Other Alliance AgriFlex+ 372 Attributes 

High load capacity and low inflation pressure are just part of the AgriFlex+ 372 story. Like all of our Alliance AgriFlex tires, the 372 is steel-belted, which improves puncture resistance and extends tire life. Steel belts also ensure that the tire produces a wide, flat, and even footprint, which most significantly helps to further reduce soil compaction and improve traction.  

In addition to steel belts, the Alliance AgriFlex+ 372 is made with our stubble-guard rubber compound, protecting it from the strong stalks and rough residue that plague lesser tires. In fact, we are so confident in the quality of the 372 that we back it with one of the best warranties in the industry—we offer a 10-year workmanship and materials warranty on it. 

M-Alliance-Agriflex-IF-372-LR-1Meeting Modern Challenges 

As farms get larger and farmland more dispersed, it’s becoming more and more common for farmers to find themselves driving their tractors at high speeds on the road. Because of our commitment to solving the real-world issues facing our customers, the Alliance AgriFlex+ 372 is just as capable on the road as it is in the field. 

The 372 is a D-rated tire, meaning it is able to travel at speeds up to 40 mph, and while the classic bar-lug tread pattern is field ready, it’s equally as good on the road, providing a smooth ride and long-lasting performance. 

The Alliance Advantage 

The Alliance AgriFlex+ 372 is a tire engineered to meet the needs of today’s farmers, delivering everything from improved productivity to fantastic in-field performance and excellent manners on the road. But the AgriFlex+ 372 isn’t just for tractors, it’s also a favorite on combines. 

Learn More About the Alliance Agriflex+ 372 

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