Four Terrifying Ways that Farmers Treat Their Tires 

With Halloween here, we got to thinking about the things that scare us. While the obvious answer this time of year is horror movies, black cats, and trick-or-treaters, the truth is we see things a lot scarier than Freddy Krueger or Michael Myers on farms across the U.S. on a regular basis. Farmers, please do us a favor (and put an end to our nightmares) and stop doing these four scary things.


Running Tires With Too Much Air

There are few things that frighten us as much as over-inflated farm tires. No matter the type of machine you’re operating, running your tires with too much air in them is a sure way to get horrific results. Over-inflated tires can lead to everything from everyday discomfort caused by increased bouncing and vibration in your machine’s ride to soil compaction that can negatively impact your operation for years to come. Even scarier is the effect over-inflation has on your bottom line, as it can cause increased wear and excess fuel consumption.   

Running Tires With Not Enough Air

As scary as over-inflated tires are, under-inflated tires are just as spooky. Running your farm tires at too low a tire pressure is a chilling proposition for their longevity and frightfully bad for your bottom line. Too little air in your tires is shockingly bad for their performance, as it causes undue wear when traveling on the road, scary declines in fuel efficiency, and difficulty maneuvering in the field. Underinflated tires can overheat, ruining the tires or even causing them to explode.

Not Visually Inspecting Tires

While ghosts and poltergeists cause unseen horrors in the movies, farmers can avoid facing frights in the field—namely downtime due to tire failure—by simply visually inspecting their tires. Before heading into the field, give your tires a quick inspection to make sure there is ample tread, there’s no stubble damage, the casing isn’t exposed, and the sidewalls don’t have any cracks, cuts, or excessive bulges. Don’t be spooked if you find something wrong—it doesn’t mean the tire needs to be replaced, but it does mean it's time to have a chat with your tire dealer.

Being Afraid to Ask Questions

So many farmers are afraid to ask questions or ask for help. We don’t want to be thought of as the boogeyman; rather, we want to be an easily accessible resource for our customers. Because of this, we can be reached through your dealer, via the Contact Us page of our website, or on social channels like Facebook and Twitter

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Help turn our screams into sighs of relief this Halloween by putting an end to the four aforementioned practices. We aren't going to hide under the covers and hope these practices go away, so if you have a question about tire pressure, the condition of your tires, or how Yokohama Off-Highway Tires America Inc. can help your operation, contact your dealer or reach out to us directly. We promise that we’re not scary!