El Niño and California Construction 

A warm patch of ocean has filled reservoirs and flooded cities this year...and now it's helping keep construction contractors busy across the Southwest. The warmer waters of the western Pacific Ocean flowing eastward and displacing the cooler surface water typically found in the eastern Pacific cause the weather occurrence known as El Niño. This weather event usually brings with it a shift in North America’s traditional weather patterns—most notably bringing wet weather to California, the Southwest, and the Southeast, while the North and Northeast typically experience a milder winter. Even though El Niño affects the entire country, the weather’s impact has been most felt by the people of California and Texas.


The most common headlines in regard to this year’s El Niño were the relief of the drought that had been plaguing California and the devastating floods that repeatedly affected Texas. Thanks to El Niño, many of California's reservoirs are full again, the snowpack has almost returned to average, farmers have returned to business as usual, and the state and its municipalities have eased back water restrictions. But to the east, Texans endured massive flooding from the same weather phenomenon.  

One of the benefits working in California and the Sun Belt presents to contractors is the ability to work most days of the year. With the increase in precipitation, construction companies could face unexpected delays, creating setbacks that affect current projects and the ability to take on new projects.

But it’s not all doom and gloom for construction companies. While El Niño can have an adverse impact on their ability to work, the unusual weather can wreak havoc on buildings and infrastructure, which in turn creates a lot of new work. In fact, during the last major El Niño, it’s estimated that construction companies generated up to $500,000,000 in additional revenue!

Contractors are sure to be challenged to work in uncommonly wet conditions and deal with the results of this year's rains. On one hand, breaking California's drought has been cause for great relief and celebration; in other areas, pounding rains have tragically impacted many families. Rebuilding communities and infrastructure falls to firms ready to handle post-flooding work, and Galaxy tires can help them stay operational in those adverse conditions. Galaxy purpose-builds tires to stand up to the challenges contractors face in the field. With a reputation for high performance, durability, and low total cost of ownership (TCO), Galaxy tires can help busy firms work in adverse terrain, increase efficiency, and in the end, increase profits.

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