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Dec 7, 2021 1:05:19 PM

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Raising Straddle Carrier Performance with Tires

Picking Up Straddle Carrier Performance with the Yokohama RR42

About 90% of global trade is carried out over waterways and the quick turnaround of products from sea to the ground, and vice versa, is essential for productive markets. Helping keep cargo moving efficiently is a variety of equipment used to load and unload goods. Straddle loaders are unique pieces of equipment that are particularly adept at transporting containers short distances (such as around a port, terminal, or depot) and are becoming increasingly popular. Driving the adoption of straddle carriers is their ability to fill the roles of multiple pieces of equipment—like a crane, truck, and forklift—along with the flexibility they offer to locations with limited space.

Tires play a significant role in the performance of straddle carriers and the right tires can give their performance a lift while taking a port’s performance to new heights. 

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